Current Projects and Programs

The NYC Harry Potter Meetup

This fan organization provides community building opportunities to Harry Potter fans, as well as a source of volunteers for our other projects. HP-NYC has been operating for 15 years now, and UWSC, Inc. was formed by its organization team.

Urban Wizards Book Club

Urban Wizards Social Club has grown beyond its roots as fans of the Wizarding World. We’ve always been fans of fantasy and science fiction literature, and it’s time to expand our horizons as a group and dive into other, more inclusive fandoms.

Wizard Retreat Weekend

The Wizard Retreat Weekend is a magic-filled, all-inclusive retreat celebrating the Harry Potter fandom. We are not a “convention” (although it’s fine if you describe us to the muggles that way), we are a wizard’s retreat for members of the Harry Potter fandom. Our retreat celebrates the community of fandom, making real connections, and the use of the Oxford comma.